About Us

Highway Hammocks was founded by veteran truck-driver Stephen Saunders with an initial design for a hammock for tired drivers in day-cab truck cabs where there is no sleeper bunk available. 

With over 700 Trucksnoozers sold around the world at the time of writing (Oct 2021) a new hammock has been introduced for kids: 

As a result of numerous enquiries by van owners, it became clear that there was a demand for a hammock that would fit across a van, but it had to be for children as the width is insufficient for adults to stretch out. It is called the Kidsnoozer and is now available.

Attempts to make a marketable adult size hammock for vans stalled during the pandemic and have yet to be restarted. The problem is that the design for a practical, affordable hammock that will suit all vans depends on using the common features of all of them.  Vans vary enormously, some with bulkheads, some without, long vans, short vans, different door types and so on. A number of potential prototypes have been made and with a little more work one will eventually rise to the top to be offered for sale. 

Highway Hammocks is based in Surrey, England, and the hammocks can be found providing a comfy snooze to drivers in countries all around the world.