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Made of super strong synthetic canvas it will support the heaviest driver. (Tested to 30 stone, 187 kilos).

Adjustable to fit most truck cab widths and designs.

Thermal Mat - (coming soon)

For extra insulation in your hammock

Travel Pillow - (coming soon)

Tubular Fleece - (coming soon)


I found the cab snoozer to be a well worthwhile purchase. I find it that comfortable I have even used it on my 11 hour rest period (when I got caught short due to the recent weather) and I slept very well. It's almost as good as a normal sleeper cab bed. I will definitely be interested in your new snoozers when they come available.

D. De C.

I have to agree, cracking bit of kit, I’ve used it myself a few times and manage to have an hours undisturbed sleep no problems, good quality, easy to use, my cousin now driving that vehicle and he loves the Cabsnoozer, all in all a great value for money product.

Glacken Transport Services Ltd. (UK)

I must admit I was very surprised at how well it was made. It can be a little fiddly to put above the doors, however I'm sure that's just practice. I think it's a great product and wouldn't think twice in recommending this to anyone. Great idea, well designed, well made and a great price. I like that new smell as well.

M.G Profile Productions (UK)